Breast ultrasound: purpose, procedure and results

January 9 and 16, 2020 – Mons (Belgio)
SHAPE Clinic – Avenue de Beriln – bldg 401
Thanks to the continuous improvement of the equipment, the ultrasound examination of the breast has acquired increasing importance in the diagnostic pathway for breast tumors. This course has the aim of providing the indispensable knowledge to be able to fully exploit its potential in compliance with the indications and quality standards set by international guidelines.
The course is therefore aimed at both specialists who have recently approached ultrasound and who, although already having a consolidated experience with the method, still wants to deal with colleagues belonging to structures of sure reference. In the program, ample space is dedicated to the reasoned discussion of clinical cases, analyzed according to the clinical-ultrasound pictures and their mammographic and anatomopathological correlations. 
Thursday January 9
09.00 Introduction and presentation of the course participants.
09.20 Breast diagnostics today: progress and organizational problems.
10.00 Role and indications of ultrasound in diagnostic pathways.
10.40 Exam execution methods and tricks of the trade.
11.20 The breast in ultrasound: anatomical structures and physiological variants.
12.00 Breast cancer: pathological classification and ultrasound correlations.
13.00 Conclusion of the morning session
2.00 pm Ultrasound semeiotics and clinical-mammographic correlations.
15.00 Discussion of clinical cases
17.00 Conclusion of the first day
Thursday January 16
09.00 Interventional ultrasound: indications, limits and technique.
11.00 Reasoned discussion of clinical cases
13.00 Conclusion of the morning session
14.00 Practical exercises
16.30 End of course.

The course is in English and is open to a limited number of participants.
Application forms must be sent by e-mail to
For more information call +39 3453923985